AIM Inc., Wire Industry Focus: Latest Technology

Press release date: August 11, 2016

New Inline Wire Cleaning System

A new sophisticated but yet simple inline wire cleaning system was released: the WC6, which features inline wiping, rotary brushes, with specialized detergents, removing visible dust, excessive scale and drawing lubricants from the wire and a pneumatic drying system, which dry the wire before it exits the system, to ensure that clean wire is passed through the machine prior to forming.

The cleaning solution is filtered, recycled and reused within the WC6 making it a true standalone system. The temperature of the cleaning solution is controlled by a PLC included in the system.

The WC6 is suitable for continuous feed or start-stop operation: it detects the wire movement and stops it when the material stops, conserving energy and supplies. Rust Inhibitor can be added post cleaning.

The WC6’s standalone configuration allows relatively easy movement within the factory, and can be placed before any wire forming, wire drawing, or wire straightening system.

AIM offers upgraded and updated 2D and 3D CNC wire bending solutions, single and double bending head machines, Fanuc robotics integration, and fully automated systems. These completely automated work cell solutions take wire from coil, form, weld and systematically arrange the finished parts.

Backed by our 10 years of robotic experience as authorized integrators of Fanuc Robotics plus partnerships with Universal and Yaskawa Motoman robotics, AIM is also here to help with any industrial automation needs! Our extensive parts handling, vision inspection, secondary welding, and press operating skills allow us to integrate current or new equipment to provide customers with high-speed, fully autonomous cells. Upon request AIM will provide free integration assessments for any type and any brand of machine.