AIM’s programmable CNC steel wire & tube bending machines have revolutionized the engineering of wire bending.  The AccuForm line of equipment not only increases productivity, they are simple to operate.  Advanced servo technology enables the machines to operate at very high speeds without sacrificing accuracy and repeatability.

AIM manufactures equipment organized by wire or tube size, as shown below:

Size / Capacity Metric (mm.) S.A.E. (inch)
AFT-8 2.7 – 8.0 0.106” – 0.315”
AFT-12 2.7 – 12.0 0.106” – 0.472”
AFT-16 4.0 – 16.0 0.157” – 0.630”
The AFT line consists of components that are interchangeable within the same size.  The major components that comprise the Accuform Table Top are as follows:

1)       Bender
2)       Feeder
a.       2D
b.       3D
3)       Control Cabinet with SmartEditor®

The AFT machines are designed for quick/small runs, prototyping and automated production with the available Hopper/Feeder Option.

Programming is quick and easy, all you need is to enter the lengths and angles of your product, view the design, edit if necessary, and begin production!

Standard feeding speeds exceed 15 meters per minute (50 feet/minute) and bending speeds exceed 600 degrees per second.  The smallest resolution of the wire/tube feeder is 273 pulses per millimeter (6.93 pulses per thousandth of an inch) and the resolution of the bender is 1450 pulses per degree. The published accuracy of the servo controllers is ±1 pulse, the length accuracy is ±0.1 millimeter (±0.004″) and the angle accuracy is ±0.05 degrees. Accuracy and repeatability of AIM machines are exceptional, so the wire or tube forms produced will only be limited by the quality and consistency of the wire or tube supplied.

Parabolic and S-curve positioning profile gives smoother acceleration and deceleration minimizing shape distortion while achieving higher speeds at the minimum possible power usage.  Tooling drawings are available upon request.  AIM customers can easily manufacture their own tools such as bending pins and all consumables.  AIM machines have an excellent reputation of customer support and spare parts delivery.

AIM uses robust engineering for long life and low maintenance.  Using enclosed type brushless servomotors along with highest precision planetary gearboxes provides the best machine operation.  All critical components have over-temperature, over-current, and over-voltage protection installed.  All bearings are oversized and double-sealed for longer life expectancy and lower maintenance.  The design of the AccuForm machines incorporates the maximum safety standards and life expectancy.

All AFT machines are backed by a one-year parts and labor limited warranty.  Excluded are the parts that “touch” the wire (such us bending pins), although all of these wear parts are made from the hardest tool steels and heat-treated to Rockwell scale 55°-65° degrees.

Parts purchased from other manufacturers carry their own warranty (OEM-warranty).  For example, the precision gearboxes made by ALPHA®, the world’s largest high-precision gearbox manufacturer, have a 5-year warranty.  AIM always installs the best quality parts available and never sacrifices quality for price.  Even after the warranty expires and within common sense rules, AIM provides technical support free of charge to the original owner.

The newest Windows® XP Pro Version is standard.  No extra fees or contract needed!  You can also connect over your existing LAN through the Internet to review machine progress right at your office PC.

Another AIM pioneering feature: “Dial-A-Service™” allows access to any machine worldwide.  The customer simply connects the machine to a telephone line or an Internet gateway and the machine controller connects to AIM’s technical support department.  Within minutes, diagnostics can be reviewed and initiated.

Statistical analysis with the touch of a button – a standard SmartEditor® feature! Let the computer figure it out – production rates, times, shifts, days, and wire needed, to just mention a few capabilities.  All the factors involved are parametric and can be customized to fit every need.  Using the SmartEditor® Office version (available Option), you can use the “EZ-Quote” analysis from your office PC.  Production statistics can be saved automatically, locally on the machine or on a network computer for review and analysis needed frequently on ISO 9000 quality analysis programs or the customer’s lean manufacturing system.

The AFT in the model number stands for “AccuForm Table Top”.  The AFT machine’s basic configuration is a 2 dimensional, horizontal machine providing precise wire or tube bending.  The pre-cut and pre-straightened wire or tube is manually loaded and lengths controlled with physical hard stops.

A Feeder module can be added and the machine configured for either vertical or horizontal part orientation.  The pre-cut and pre-straightened part is manually loaded and then pneumatically clamped into the Feeder module.  The Feeder and Bender modules are coordinated by AIM’s exclusive SmartEditor® controller.  Programming is as simple as entering feed length and bend angle.  Any parts larger than 1m will require re-clamping.

Fully configured, the AFT comes in a vertical 3 dimensional configuration, adding a rotation axis to the clamp module.  A magazine or Hopper/Feeder module can be added, allowing for a totally automatic operation from pre-inserted, pre-cut, and pre-straightened wire or tube material.

The machine controller is located in a separate roll away cabinet. The cabinet also houses all of the electronics required for operation, including all axis drives and power magnetics.  SmartEditor® is pre-installed and will run all of the modules, including bender, feeder, clamp, and any accessories like the magazine or Hopper/Feeder Option.

Feeder & Bending Head (3D vertical configuration)

Max. Bending angle                   +/- 200 degrees
Precision                                   +/- 0.05º
Drive                                         AC brushless servo motor
Transmission                             Precision planetary gearbox
Cutter material                           D2 tool steel, hardened 58 HRC

Utility Requirements: 220 VAC, 1 Phase 50/60 Hz, less than 1 CFM @ 100psi air supply.

Computer: Industrial Panel PC, Integrated touch panel, LCD color monitor 15”, industrial sealed keyboard with integrated pointing device, high capacity storage hard drive (80 GB), 3.5” floppy drive, CD-ROM, Fast Ethernet network ready for machine monitoring or service.  Operating system is Windows® XP Pro.

Additional Features:
√  Modular frame construction for easy field installation of accessories
√  SmartEditor Windows XP® programming, office version available for off-line programming
√  Dual processor allows concurrent production and programming new parts
√  Instant Production Statistics for estimating
√  “Dial-A-Service” tech support via modem or Internet
√  Optional extra I/O for auxiliary equipment
√  Tool changeover in 5 minutes or less
√  1-year limited parts and labor warranty

Safety Features:
Control unit access for servicing through the controller door is possible only when the main power to the machine is off.  Two levels of security provide protection against tampering.
Emergency shutoff is provided on the front of the control unit.
Safety mat is highly recommended and tied into the E-stop circuitry will shut the machine down (Optional please consult AIM).
Full control of the machine by a computer provides safe operation.  If the computer does not work, the machine does not work.
Non-contact proximity switches provide maintenance free operation.

CE Compliance can be achieved by ordering the CE Kit see Machine Options & Accessories
Machine Safety Options include:
SG1-T   Two Palm Button Operation with Safety Mat
SG2-T   Two Palm Button Operation with Safety Barrier and Light Curtain and Safety Mat
SG3-T   Two Palm Button Operation with Safety Scanner

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AFT Control Module

Featured Optional Accessories: