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Did You Know?

  • You can automate your setups with our AccuCal? Find out more at the AccuCal Page
  • You can automate your production statistics with AccuTrack? Find out more at the AccuTrack Page
  • Our online AIM Academy can train your operators 24/7? Visit the AIM Academy here.
  • Our software includes a standard maintenance module which reminds you with all needed work needed for zero downtime?
  • Our software communicates with FARO, ROMER and AICON CMM’s for automatic Programmer corrections
  • SmartEditor integrates with FANUC and MOTOMAN (YASKAWA) ROBOTICS
  • STEP and IGES files import directly to our machines
  • You can save machine time using our full graphics animation with collision detection, allowing your office personnel to pre-write machine files for production

Coming Soon!  A new AIM-CNC mobile Application to ease technical support calls and document retrieval for Your AIM equipment! 

Existing AIM Customers:  you will receive by mail a new barcode label to attached on every AIM equipment for easy access to digital information. Please send a quick email to our support team if you need more than one! 

“I recently had to send in the computer from one of the Aim machines that we have. On the way there, the shipper mishandled it so by the time it got to your shop, it had a bent frame, the touch screen wires were torn from the glass, the standoffs were bent or gone and it still needed the hard drive that it had been sent in for.

In comes Artur, who really stepped up to the plate. He found parts from where ever and put it back together, it looks good, shipped it the same day and it even runs! We are tight on machine time and I really needed back up running and Artur made it happen. Nicely done.”

Bart Havens, Peterson Spring - Three Rivers , Michigan

“We are very satisfied with the training, support and the AFC 10 performance. What we like the best of the AFC is the ease of programming, touch screen monitor, how quiet it is, the reliability and the ease of SmartEditor. The cost savings and not having to use old jigs for bending convinced our company to purchase an AIM INC machine.”

Industry: Water management products

Steve Scarlett, Managing Director, Agri Drain Corp. - Iowa - Machine Type: AFC 10

“Our team did a complete evaluation of all options around the world, before finally buying the needed CNC wire bending machine from AIM. What stood out for us was AIM’s productivity, robust design, use of “top shelf” quality components, and service. The training provided at AIM facility was also highly valuable.”

Industry: Manufacturers of metal wire components

Vibhor Khanna, Managing Director, Modern Industries Gurgaon - India - Machine Type: AFC 6

“The four things we like the best of our AIM machine is first the ability for the head to rotate around the wire. Second, the arm wire guide factor allows us to provide very consistent parts. Third, the simplicity of SmartEditor, programming is very simple. Fourth, would be feed accuracy, errors will popup if there is any problem with the wire slippage during wire feed. The speed and versatility of the machine convinced our company to purchase an AIM machine. We have been very pleased with the training, support and very pleased with the performance of our AIM machine.”

“We have three AIM machines. These machines are very reliable, Customer service has been excellent. We’ve been very satisfied with the training, support and performance of our machines. Having played with the competitors machines The AIM machine is more user friendly and easier to teach.“

Industry: Manufacturers of shopping carts

“Speed, price and AIM INC being domestic is what convinced our company to purchase an AIM machine in February of 09.
We are very satisfied with the overall experience from training, support, and machine performance.
The features that we like the best are the ease of programming, loading changes and the ease in which to do it plus the machine being substantially built.”

Industry: Automotive

“We saw the AIM machines at a trade show many years ago and have purchased multiple AIM machines. The AIM machines are well designed, well built, and user friendly.

Customer support is outstanding. We have been very satisfied with initial training to technical assistance, including questions involving machine issues, parts, programming or even guidance in making our own tooling. SmartEditor allows for simplified programming compared to other wire formers. AIM provides service second to none.”

Industry: Appliance-POP Displays-Fixtures

“The convincing factor for me to have purchased an AIM machine was the visit to the AIM facility in Addison IL. to inspect the machine. All of our questions were answered most importantly all the shortcomings of a competitors bender were addressed. Our Aim machine is very robust; we destroyed a non- AIM machine that we had trying to bend hard drawn wire. AIM has great technical support even for a very old machine. They have the availability of parts and prints for tooling. Most importantly the “ultra” option package has made our machine profitable. Overall we are satisfied with the training, support, machine performance and have no dislikes about our AIM machine and would recommend their equipment to anyone.”

Jon Pace., Signetix Inc. - Arizona - Machine Type: 2D Ultra

“We have five AIM machines and have been very satisfied with the training, support, and machines performance. What we like the best about the AIM machines is the ease of programming, low amount of maintenance even with the high amount of uptime, and the technical support. What convinced us to purchase the AIM machines were the price, speed, and ease of use.”

“What we like best about our AIM machine which we purchased in 2000 is its reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. Our company has been very satisfied with training, support, and machine performance. The price, quality of build and friendly staff convinced us to purchase the AIM machine.”

Industry: Furniture

“What convinced us to purchase an AIM machine was the ability to produce spirals. All of our expectations have been met from training, support, and the reliability of the machine.”

“I have been impressed with our AIM Machine and having interacted with support of your staff the people as well. You have a friendly knowledgeable group of people and a product that I have had hours of fun making money with. I have been in the trade since 1976 and have been with General Chain for 26 years this month and your machine is by far the sweetest piece of brain candy that I have experienced.”

John Bennington, Plant Manager, General Chain Mfg. Corp. - Ohio

“Speed! This new AFM 3D8-T flies!! Easy to understand, simple and the support have been tremendous.”

Brian Anderson, Precision Metal Forming

“Our overall experience with AIM Inc. has been excellent. We have been very satisfied from the training, support, and machine performance. The machine is easy to set up, easy to program, and has low maintenance. The software was so easy to program and to train people on versus other wire bending machines. This convinced us to purchase an AIM machine.”

David Guidolin, R. Goudilin Industries LTD. - Ontario, Canada - Machine Type: 2D

“What convinced us to purchase an AIM Machine is that we wanted to ride with the technology. We were able to replace people lowering cost and paying for the machine. The training, support, and machine performance have been very satisfactory. User friendly, very solid, and stable performance, low maintenance and accessibility of re-tooling are what we like the best from our AIM machine. Also, good people to work with.”

Industry: Filtration Systems

“We heard about AIM Inc from word of mouth and have been very satisfied with the training, support, and machine performance. The AIM machine is built tough, it has easy part access for serviceability and outstanding support. Our AIM machine has meet and exceeded our expectations”

“The convincing factor in purchasing an AIM machine was the capability of reducing our inventory. The ease of repeat parts and ease of programming is what we like the best of our AIM machine.”

John Rustad, Schwab’s Screw Machine Products - Idaho

“We first saw the AIM equipment at the Interwire show. What convinced our company to purchase two AIM machines was that every person we meet with AIM could set up the machine, no technicians were required.
I even programmed a simple part at a trade show. Very simple programming and really no CNC experience required. The tooling is simple with good reliability. Our experience with training, support and machine performance has been very satisfactory.”

Industry: Point of Purchase Displays

“The three things we like the best of our AIM machine is its versatility which is terrific, easy programming and change over time. The training and support has been excellent.”

Industry: Refractory anchors

Robert Garde, Antec - Australia - Machine Type: 3D12-T

“Serviceability, price and USA based convinced our company to purchase an Aim machine. The machine is easy to understand and operate, utilizes little floor space and provides good repeatability. Our experience with training, support and machine performance has been superb.”

Industry: Household goods

Chuck Overla, Knape & Vogt. Mfg. - Michigan - Machine Type: 3D8-T 2D1 with welder

“We purchased our 2D AIM machine 3/08 and have been very satisfied with training, support and performance of the machine. What we like the best is the quick set up time. Our old 4 -slide took hours to setup compared to minutes on our 2D. We run the machine without an operator; it runs quiet and has a great hydraulic system.
We’ve been very satisfied with the training, support and machine performance. Most importantly we purchased the Aim machine because of its US location. Tech support has been great, when we need help Steve Dembinski gets us up and going. Our expectations have definitely been met.”

Industry: Construction

Lori Fey, Wady Industries - Iowa - Machine Type: 2D10 Ultra

“The speed of the AIM machine convinced our company to purchase two 3D Ultras. Besides the speed the others things we like about our AIM machines is the ease of use and the ability to make difficult parts. We have been very satisfied with the training and support. Customer service is awesome.”

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In case you missed what happened


New twin-headed Gemini bender from AIM, Inc

In 2016, AIM announced a new, sophisticated twin-headed Gemini bender! Twenty-Four (24) axis of control provide unparalleled capabilities including real, independent twin-3D head forming, “single-head” part forming, off-plane 2D and 3D bending, with “Zero” minimum center clamp length limitations. It’s wire straightener consists of two servo controlled contra rotating rotors and a gantry system with two “pick and place” arms, assures millimeter accuracy on placing and retrieving wire forms to the system while programmability allows an automatic “helping Hand” when needed. The Gemini system improves previous model production rates by approximately 40% while keeping the easy and smart programming with graphics animation and collision detection, making it easy to avoid careless programming mistakes.

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