Automatic Payoff Units


Our fully automatic powered Payoff Units consist of two different models, P270-5 and P270-7.5.

  • heavy-duty construction with oversized tapered bearings assures maintenance-free operation.
  • The dimensions are almost the same in both models, except the power difference between the 5 and 7.5 Hp.
  • A pneumatic cylinder provides the arm tension, making it easy and convenient to adjust via a pneumatic pressure valve.
  • Two material supporting arms with rollers, with quick remove pins.
  • Material Tension Arm, with an analog proximity switch, provides automatic speed control (no wear parts).
  • AC Flux Vector Drive control with programmable speeds and acceleration times.
  • Material under the table, safety switch: the turntable will stop if the material gets tangled and drops below the rotating table.


Material coil maximum weights
P270-5: up to 2000 Kg (4400 Lbs.),
P270-7.5: up to 2500 Kg (5000 Lbs.),

P270-5: 1,700 Lbs. (3750 Kgr)
P270-7.5: 2,000 Lbs. (4400 Kgr)

P270-5: 78W”x86”Lx63”H
P270-7.5: 90W”x118”Lx63”H

Installed Power
P270-5: 5 Hp AC motor
P270-75: 7.5 Hp AC motor

Speed Range
P270-5: 10 – 44 RPM,
P270-7.5: 10 – 42 RPM,

Rotation selector
Momentary reverse button

Utility Requirements
480 VAC, 3 Phase 50/60 Hz, < 1 CFM air supply.