ATH-8, ATH-12, ATH-16
Single End Threading Module


  • 3 Head unit, capable of chamfering, turning down, and roll threading
  • Quick tool changeover
  • Industry standard threading heads, chamfer tools, and turning heads
  • Threading inserts for English and Metric materials
  • Pneumatic clamp on ATH-8 and ATH-12
  • Hydraulic clamp on ATH-16
  • Threading up to 4” (100mm) of wire (depends on wire diameter)


  • Reduce production costs by eliminating additional parts handling Increases machine capabilities to do more complex parts complete, without the need for manual secondary operations.
  • Greater ability to quote/bid more complex geometries, resulting in a competitive advantage.
Model ATH-8 ATH-12 ATH-16
Power 6 KVA 8 KVA 11 KVA
Wire Range .080 to .315
(2mm to 8mm)
.157 to .472
(4mm to 12mm)
.250 to .625
(6mm to 16mm)
Size 40″x52″x60″ 44″x52″x60″ 54″x52″x66″
Weight 2300 lbs (1044 kg) 2400 lbs (1090 kg) 3050 lbs (1385 kg)
Maximum Spindle Speed 3000 RPM 3000 RPM 3000 RPM


Available on AFM modular machine systems