FARO Technologies with VTube-LASER

FARO ScanArm HD:
– Articulating Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine
– Offered in 3 sizes, (6’, 9’, and 12’ diameters)
– Can be used in a wide range of temperatures (40-110 F)
– Incredibly portable with a wide range of mounting options

– Attachable High Definition Laser Scanner
– Resolution as high as .0015”
– Takes 550,000 points/second
– Blue Laser can read on highly reflective surfaces

– Premier Tube Inspection software
– Can import Supravision, IGES, and STP master tube data
– Aligns & compares measured data against the master
– Communicates directly with AIM CNC Wire Bender

  • Automatic bending program corrections, based on master CAD data
  • It works with FARO arms, Romer arms, and Aicon 3D TubeInspect
  • Automatic bending program creation from STEP/IGES files
  • Wireless communications
  • One CMM works with any number of benders
  • Reverse engineer bending program from physical wireform
  • Reduce set-up time and scrap