Wire Capacities


AIM manufactures over 60 variations of wire benders; the common component is the respective capacity. So whether you are looking at a Compact bender or our large 16mm machines the capacity designator is as follows.

NOTE: This chart coupled with the Tensile chart will define the correct size machine.



AFC4, AFM4, AFE4 2D or 3D

2,0mm – 4,0mm

0.079” – 0.157”

AFC6, AFM6, AFE6 2D or 3D

2,0mm – 6,35mm

0.079” – 0.250”

AFC8, AFM8, AFE8 2D or 3D

2,7mm – 8,0mm

0.106” – 0.315”

AFC10, AFM10, AFE 10 2D or 3D

4,0mm – 10mm*

0.106” – 0.394”

AFM12, AFE12 2D or 3D

4,0mm – 12mm*

0.106” – 0.472”

AFM13, AFE13 2D or 3D

4,0mm – 13mm

0.157” – 0.511”

AFM 14, 2D or 3D

6,0mm – 14mm

0.235” – 0.551”

AFM 16, 2D or 3D

6,0mm – 16mm

0.235” – 0.630”

*Machines may run smaller wire sizes but will require the smaller S8 straightener and additional guides


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