The AFM 1Dx line of machines is a simple but “complete” solution for your material feeding needs.  It consists of a payoff unit, a 2-plane straightener with a robust feeder, a separate encoder measuring device for increased accuracy and a cutter.

All components are taken from our industrial proven machines engineered to produce fast and accurate results increasing the efficiency of your production.

The AFM in the model number stands for “AccuForm Modular” meaning the machine configuration is modular.  Many available options make it adaptable to almost any requirements:

  • Servo, Hydraulic, air, circular saw cutters available
  • Multiple material capacities even for the toughest jobs
  • Complete CNC controls along with our SmartEditor® programming
  • Customized solutions with multiple straighteners and quick change over
  • Remote servicing and monitoring via your existing Internet connection
  • In-line chamfering module
  • In-line die module
  • In-line die marking module with standard or programmable marking

The controls allow the user to easily integrate to other components or machine/automation cells. Our engineering team is able to provide customized solutions within your budget.

In addition to programming simplicity, AIM machine construction is exceptional.  AIM machine frames incorporate solid steel plates, minimizing vibrations and providing the greatest possible stability at extreme operating speeds.  This design enables AIM machines to deliver the fastest production rates in the market!

Please contact your AIM representative for a comprehensive production analysis and review of all the modules available to help develop the best system configuration for your production needs.  As AIM is on the cutting edge of wire shop work-cell design, AIM Engineering is always developing new methods to increase the production floor flexibility.

Hydraulic Cutter shown

Model / Capacity Metric (mm) S.A.E. (inch)
AFM-1D6 2.0 – 6.35 0.079” – 0.250”
AFM-1D10 4.0 – 10.0 0.157” – 0.394”

Additional Features:

  • Modular frame construction for easy field installation of accessories
  • SmartEditor® Windows XP® programming, office version available for off-line programming
  • Dual processors allow concurrent part production and new part programming
  • Instant Production Statistics for estimating
  • “Dial-A-Service”tech support via Internet
  • Optional extra I/O for auxiliary equipment
  • Tool changeover in 8 minutes. Highest overall forming speeds in the industry
  • 2-year limited parts and labor warranty
  • 1 day free trainingat AIM’s state of the art facility in Addison, IL

Safety Features:

  • Control unit access for servicing through the back door is possible only when the main power to the machine is off.  Two levels of security provide protection against tampering.
  • Emergency shutoff is provided on the front of the control unit.
  • Limit switches on feeder unit cover disable all motion before allowing access.
  • Full control of the machine by a computer provides safe operation.  If the computer does not work, the machine does not work.
  • Non-contact proximity switches provide maintenance free operation.
  • Complete interface with automatic powered Payoff Unit for safe simultaneous operation.

Featured Optional Accessories: