AIM Inc., Wire Industry Focus: Latest Technology

Press release date: August 11, 2016

New twin-headed Gemini bender from AIM, Inc.

In 2016, AIM announced a new, sophisticated twin-headed Gemini bender! Twenty-Four (24) axis of control provide unparalleled capabilities including real, independent  twin-3D head forming, “single-head” part forming, off-plane 2D and 3D bending, with “Zero” minimum center clamp length limitations. It’s wire straightener consists of two servo controlled contra rotating rotors and a gantry system with two “pick and place” arms, assures millimeter accuracy on placing and retrieving wire forms to the system while programmability allows an automatic “helping Hand” when needed.  The Gemini system improves previous model production rates by approximately 40% while keeping the easy and smart programming with graphics animation and collision detection, making it easy to avoid careless programming mistakes.AIM offers upgraded and updated 2D and 3D CNC wire bending solutions, single and double bending head machines, Fanuc robotics integration, and fully automated systems. These completely automated work cell solutions take wire from coil, form, weld and systematically arrange the finished parts.

Backed by our 10 years of robotic experience as authorized integrators of Fanuc Robotics plus partnerships with Universal and Yaskawa Motoman robotics, AIM is also here to help with any industrial automation needs! Our extensive parts handling, vision inspection, secondary welding, and press operating skills allow us to integrate current or new equipment to provide customers with high-speed, fully autonomous cells. Upon request AIM will provide free integration assessments for any type and any brand of machine.