AccuForm (Cold Header)
High Power Cold Header Module

Available in 50 and 70 ton units. The cold header
can handle heavy materials such as stainless steel,
creating high quality end forms.

AccuForm Cold Header units

AFCH-50 50 ton unit .157″ to .472″ wire (4mm to 12mm) mild steel 43″ X 63″ X 72″
AFCH-70 70 ton unit .236″ to .625″ wire (6mm to 16mm) mild steel 52″ X 70″ X 77″

AFCH-50 Ram force 50 ton Clamp force 400 ton
AFCH-70 Ram force 70 ton Clamp force 550 ton


  • Controlled by SmartEditor software
  • 20 HP hydraulic unit with integrated cooler
  • Dual variable volume piston pumps
  • End of stroke/return stroke sensors
  • Quick change, keyless tooling
  • Automated lubrication system (grease)
  • Adjustable X position for large part clearance
  • Tooling designed to part specifications, D2 steel


  • Cold forming of single and double upset profiles
  • Reduces production costs by eliminating additional parts handling

Available on AFM modular machine systems