*Video is showcasing the ACH Cold Header Unit.

AccuForm (Servo Cold Header)

The cold header can handle heavy materials, such as stainless
steel, while creating high quality end forms.
Three Models are offered: AFSCH-12, AFSCH-45 and AFSCH-70
The Servo Cold Header Module is positioned in-line with the
bending arm, in front of a CNC Bender. Mounted on precision
rails and driven by a servo motor with an absolute encoder, the
unit can be positioned in pre-determined locations or pulled
away from the bender when not in use, minimizing the setup
time required.
Tube users: AIM developed a new Tube Cutter option for fast
and clean tube cuts which mount directly on the solid wire
cutter location.


Controlled by AIM Inc.’s SmartEditor® software
Four Servo Axis, all digital.
End of stroke/return stroke sensors
Quick change tooling
Automatic lubrication system
Programmable position also allowing for large part clearance
Tooling designed to part specifications
Both Tube and Solid material
End forming and Collar forming


Cold forming of single and double upset profiles
Reduce production costs by eliminating additional parts
Integrated cold header wire form operation

Available on AFM 3D modular machine systems