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  • Designed and Developed directly by AIM
  • Same software for ALL AIM models!
  • Seamless integration with handshaking to robots and other ancillary devices.
  • Office version of SmartEditor allows the user to program parts at their desk (off-line programming)
  • Solid Modeling file importation of DXF (AutoCAD®), XYZ, STP and IGS
  • Animation Simulator can provide a detailed representation of loaded program.
  • Collision detection can prevent programming mistakes before even running!
  • Bender Geometry tool input interface allows the user to design their own tools and integrate it into SmartEditor
  • Barcode Database editor provides the user to load daily MRP requirements via Bluetooth Scanner
  • Dual Processor configuration allows concurrent production and programming.
  • Statistical analysis/production with the touch of a button – a standard SmartEditor® feature!
  • Up to 50 different programs open at the same time with automatic inter-program calling
  • Almost unlimited program storage capacity with 10 million + storage.
  • Different user login levels for operators, setup, administrators etch
  • Email reporting and warning! Get reports and machine status on your mobile device!
  • “Dial-a-service” and support via Internet
  • Barcode label printing.
  • Machine Maintenance scheduling with email reminders.
  • “Smart Code” feature to automatically construct common shapes parametrically.
  • AutoSave feature so users do not forget to save!
  • Network ready: user can save all data to a server or remote network path.
  • Automatic backup feature embedded.
  • Machine diagnostics and error logging.