AIM Inc., Wire Industry Focus: Latest Technology

Press release date: August 11, 2016

Single Axis Servo Wire feeders

The AFM 1Dx line of machines is a simple but “complete” solution for your material straightening feeding & cutting needs. The programmability and quick setup of AFM 1Dx machine increases productivity.  Consisting of a payoff unit, dual plane straightener with a robust feeder, and a separate encoder measuring device for exceptional accuracy, and a cutter, the AFM 1Dx is your simple but yet sophisticated straight-and-cut answer.

– Modular frame construction for easy field installation of accessories and options
– Controlled by AIM Inc.’s SmartEditor® Software
– 2-plane straightener can be converted to 4-plane
– Removable adjustor bars for quick straightener setup.
– Separate encoder feedback for accurate lengths even if slippage occurs
– Individually adjustable Feeder and Encoder roller pressure
– Multiple material capacities even for the toughest jobs
– Remote servicing and monitoring via your existing Internet connection (“Dial-A-Service”)
– Dual processors allow concurrent part production and new part programming
– Instant Production Statistics for estimating
– Programming Kiosk:
• Industrial Flat Touch Panel PC with full keyboard and touchpad.
• SmartEditor® software enables batch run configurations.
• Almost unlimited file storage
• Barcode production scheduling ready.
• Windows® Operating System, ready to connect with your network.
– Automatic Decoiler:
• AIM’s standard P270-8, 5 Hp, flux Vector drive, powered payoff unit with pneumatic arm adjustable tension is included.
– Fast Hydraulic dual acting cutter:
• Sizes 12, 14 and 16 incorporate a high speed hydraulic cutter.
– Options:
• Servo, Hydraulic, air, circular saw cutters available
• Customized solutions with multiple straighteners and quick change over
• In-line chamfering module
• In-line die module
• In-line die marking module with standard or programmable marking (punch or laser)
• In-line drilling module
• Battery operated handheld cutter for up to 12.7mm (½”)
• Pivot bracket for quick changeover between two installed straighteners.
• Extra straighteners
Indexing Turret Straightener for quick changeover between up to 6 installed straighteners with the touch of a button.
• Robot integration for pick & place part manipulations, complete with end effector tooling.
• AccuThread End-of-line Threading Module for wire sizes 6 – 16 mm (0.236” – 0.630”).
• End-of-line Cold Heading Modules for collar and upset type forming operations.
• CE Compliance Kit-Includes necessary components for CE compliance

AIM also offers 2D and 3D CNC wire bending solutions with models ranging from 2.5mm to 25mm.  Our automated work cell solutions take wire from straight and cut or coil and will form, weld and systematically arrange the finished parts.