AccuForm Modular E-Series Single Stage Bending Head

The AFE-2Dx line of equipment is designed around our standard AFM-2Dx line without all of the features that might not be needed from all users. It is a simplified version of our standard AFM-2Dx line and it does not have a tilting top plate. The AFM in the model number stands for “AccuForm Modular” which means that the machine can be configured in Modules. For common features please read our page Common attributes for the majority of our equipment.

The basic version of the AFE-2Dx line has a feeder module and a bender module. Each module provides its own operation but all modules are controlled and synchronized from the same computer system. On the AFE-2Dx line, the computer system is mounted on the Feeder module.

Technical Specs

Standard (single stage) Bending Head

The feeder module is feeding the wire, through a straightener, to the Bender module. The bender mechanism bends the wire, according to pre-programmed data and “shears” it with an integral hydraulic cutter. The turret option (-T) adds one servo axis to the Bender module, for automatic and programmable bending tool-change along with a second bending pin. This provides the flexibility to programmatically change the tool that the wire is getting bend on, making available 4-8 different bend radii. Two Bending pins are available with the turret option; usually one is a roller for generated radii and the other is a hard pin for “tight” bends.

Turret Bender (Indexing Tool changer)

Optionally, additional modules can be added to the configuration of the machine depending on the specific production requirements, for example in-line Chamfering Module (AL1) or in-line die module (AD1). Plenty of modules are available and our engineering team is creating more every month in order to satisfy every request from our customers. Please refer to the Modules & Accessories pages for more options.

In order to get familiarized with our concept of wire bending and to better understand the principals that we use, we will describe a simple right angle, 90-degree wire bend operation with the following steps:

The feeder module feeds the first length of our wire sample
The bender is positioning to be ready to operate at –30 degrees position.
The Turret is positioning to the pre-selected tool position
The bending Pin engages
The bender locates at the required position in order to provide a 90-degree bend to the wire.
The feeder feeds the second length of our sample part.
The cutter “cuts” the wire.

The above steps are really simple and also familiar to anyone that has worked with wire bending. In conventional programming, a CNC user would have to enter in a computer, all of the above steps individually. Now let’s try to speed up the above production: We need the first four steps to be done at the same time and we do not want to worry where we have to position the bender (besides the fact that we need a 90 degree bend). Although this would seem complicated, our SmartEditor™ software generates the algorithms needed by the motion controller automatically. We have built an algorithm that builds motion algorithms! All of the above steps can be represented with just three numbers and a bend radius (tool selection). The user programs what he or she needs to do and not what needs to be done!

The user simply enters lengths and angles that comprise the desired part and SmartEditor™ does all the rest. User intervention is allowed if an intricate operation is required as well as absolute coordinate programming, for the more advanced users, where one can enter the exact steps of the equipment.

Besides the simplicity of the programming, exceptional is the machines’ construction. Since high speeds can be accomplished, the main frame is constructed out of solid steel plates for improved stability, minimizing vibrations and increasing speed and accuracy of the equipment. The weight of the AFM-V1 is approximately 1500 Kg. (3,300 Lbs.). Using the latest technology servomotors, the feeder and the bender can rapidly accelerate to maximum speeds, and depending on installed options, provide the fastest production rates in the market.

AFE-2Dx Machine Details

For Wire Detail Specs please see:Wire diameter Range, Wire Tensile Strength Capacity

(1.3) Two Plane Wire Straightener:
Every machine is equipped with a two-plane wire straightener.
On size #1 machines each plane consists of 9 “V” groove roller bearings; 5 are stationary and 4 are adjustable.
On size #2 machines each plane consists of 11 “V” groove roller bearings; 6 are stationary and 5 are adjustable.
Two different diameters of rollers allow straightening a wider range of wire with just one set of straighteners.

Please consult table for applicable tensile strength / diameter properties.

(1.4a) Wire Feeding Device:
Used for the feeding and positioning of the wire. Consists of four rollers (all driven), one wire guide, sprocket-belt reduction unit, Hi Torque Drive (HTD) Belts and one brushless servomotor.
Feed Speed: 120 meters/min.

(1.4b) Wire Length Measuring Device
Used as a feedback for the wire positioning. Consists of a pair of rollers: one stationary and one with adjustable pneumatic load. The stationary rollers directly coupled through a flexible coupler to an incremental rotary encoder providing accurate position feedback to the servo controller.

(1.7) Bending Head and Cutting unit:
On the Turret version, the bending heads and tool clusters are supplied with both hard and roller pins.
Max. Bending angle +/- 230º
Drive AC brushless servo motor
Transmission Precision planetary gearbox
The cutting unit is hydraulic, providing reliability and longevity for high tensile and heavy cutting requirements. Double acting hydraulic cylinder is used for minimum maintenance (no spring return).

(1.1) Hydraulic Unit:
Used for supplying high-pressure oil to the wire cutter. Consists of
– 20 gallon Oil tank:, with sight glass and oil filter
– Electric motor 5Hp, Size #1 or 7Hp, Size #2, 5 g.p.m. / 1600 PSI hydraulic gear pump
– double solenoid valve and a pressure relief valve (factory preset at 1600 PSI)

(1.6) Bender Frame:
The Bender module table is made out of heavy steel plates covered by steel sheets, providing increased stability and dampening over vibration. The front-top is covered by a 7-gauge stainless steel sheet metal. The top table is positioned at 65 degrees for easy collection to a container or conveyor.

Wire Payoff unit (Turntable):
Model P270-5 Fully Automatic Powered Payoff Unit, capable of handling coils weighing up to 2000 Kgr. (4000 Lbs.) 5 Hp AC motor, automatic speed control with AC Vector Drive, adjustable tension for dancer control arm. Speed range: 5-70 RPM, Rotating base Ø: 1140 mm (45″). Heavy-duty construction with oversized tapered bearings assures maintenance free operation. All electrics are supplied from main electrical cabinet; there is no need for a separate electrical connection box.

(1.2) Utility Requirements: USA: 480 VAC, Europe: 400 VAC, 3 Phase 50/60 Hz, < 1 CFM air supply.

(1.5) Computer: Industrial Panel PC, Integrated touch panel, LCD color monitor 15.4”, industrial sealed keyboard with an integrated pointing device, high capacity storage SSD hard drive Fast Ethernet network ready and optional video camera for machine monitoring, video conferencing or service. The operating system is Windows® Pro.

Features & Benefits

  • Concurrent Operations: Dual processor allows programming a part while running production
  • Production Statistics for cost estimating & scheduling
  • Optional DXF file import & optional 3D Step file import
  • Optional Animation / Bending simulation allows you to see programmed moves before running production
  • Remote, off-line programming with stand-alone software or through installed network card
  • Color touch screen monitor and industrial grade sealed keyboard for data entry
  • Simple programming with Windows XP Pro based operating system
  • Exceptional accuracy and repeatability
  • Sealed, oversize bearings for low maintenance operation
  • Wire fed directly from coil
  • A variety of servo drive options for combinations of faster feed and bending speeds
  • Double acting hydraulic cutting system for high tensile wire on machines larger than 4mm capacity
  • One keystroke transition between Metric and English units of measure
  • Optional video camera for machine monitoring or videoconferencing
  • Merge individual part programs for production of complete assemblies or program to make alternating parts
  • Programmable delay or hold functions to match downstream operations in work cells
  • Spiral software function allows user to define any spiral with just three numbers
  • Easily accessible tooling for minimal setup and changeover time
  • Hardened and precision ground tool steel moving parts for exceptional wear and tool life
  • I/O’s for interconnection of auxiliary equipment such as robotics, threading units & inspection devices
  • Highest overall production speeds in the industry
  • Network ready for “Dial-A-Service”
  • Parallel, Serial, Ethernet & USB Ports
  • Two bending head choices: Single stage or Turret Head indexing tool changer are available
  • Temperature controlled electronics cabinets with washable filters


Simple design and PC controls allow for easy service, high speed, reduced setup time and an attractive price. Each E-Series machine incorporates high-end components, “four wheel drive” feeders, quick setup straighteners, the latest technology in servo positioning, “dial-a-service”, NEMA 12 with temperature control electronics cabinet. E-Series machines carry a one year parts and labor warranty!

Bend complex two dimensional wire parts with very simple programming. With our new graphics viewer the user can envision the part before production. Connect to Internet for fast upgrades and service.

With 15 years of experience these models are made to last. The hallmark of an AIM machine is its operational consistency over time. Performance specifications are extremely high and Reliability is built into the design.

Optional accessories include Threading, Press, Drilling, Chamfering units and
DC Mid Frequency automatic welders.

Featured Optional Accessories: