AIM Team,

We have received numerous emails from our customers, asking that they can depend on us for support, parts, and service during these difficult times.  As you know, we have customers who provide essential products and services, and people depend on them and therefore, on us. Our top priority is in taking steps to ensure the health and well-being of our associates and customers while providing critical safety services that government agencies have deemed as essential.To minimize exposure and maximize social distancing, we are setting the following settings.  Our General Manager, Mr. Johann Sfaellos,  and Plant Manager, Mr. Vasilios Giannetos, will be at the building at all times to manage and coordinate any needed operations.

Work from Home:


it is obvious that we cannot build machines from home:  we need to assemble our equipment in our factory and therefore production department employees need to participate in assembly but at the same time keep the social distancing to the maximum.  Our production manager, Mr. Giannetos will make sure to allow for enough spacing between employees (minimum of six feet).

Administration, Accounting, and Procuring:

James, Jennifer, Yvette, Kari, Nolen, and Don:  Remote Access to your computer at work is already setup.  Since we need at least two people at the office to answer calls, receive faxes, receive and scan mail, invoices, and payments, we will need to set a “rotating schedule.”

Please note that you will need to have internet and phone available while you work from home.  Please do NOT turn power Off from your computer, but please Log Off when you leave.  You also need to be available at working hours.  If you cannot be available, you will be requested to take a PTO day.  If no PTO days are available, you will not get paid for the days not working.

Please note that the following schedule needs a minimum of two people at the office.  If someone cannot comply, we will have to adjust the schedule accordingly.

The office personnel and work from home schedule will be as follows:

Days                   Office                              Remote

Monday               James, Don                       Kari, Nolen, Jennifer, Yvette

Tuesday               Kari, Nolen                     James, Yvette, Jennifer, Don

Wednesday        Yvette, Jennifer               James, Don, Kari, Nolen

Thursday             James, Don                    Kari, Nolen, Jennifer, Yvette

Friday                    Kari, Nolen                   James, Yvette, Jennifer, Don

Electrical & Mechanical Engineering:
Justin, Geordan, Alex and David
Due to the file size and bandwidth needed, it would be currently impossible to remote from home and be productive.
Since Alex is in Tampa he will be working from our Tampa office, assisting customers and working on the microBender projects.

John, Jerzy, Sergiy
Since Sergiy is in Tampa he will be working from our Tampa office assisting customers.
Assuming that you have a laptop and a phone available, John and Jerzy will be alternating days at the office.

Software Engineering:
Rolando, and Dustin, can work from home on their laptops. If needed they can borough the large screens from their desks and bring them home.

In an effort to increase social distancing, the lunchroom in our Addison facility will be used for the office personnel.  The training room will be converted to a lunchroom for the production employees.

During this time of uncertainty, it is important that we remember to stay positive, connected, and supportive of each other.
Look for ways to maintain your family’s and business’ routines (or invent new ones), and stay in contact with family, co-workers, and employees.
Like many of our clients, we are all being impacted by COVID-19. Luckily, we have been working remotely and virtually with our clients for years. Although we love to be on-site and work hands-on, we’ve learned how to deliver our services remotely, which allows us to help our clients when they need us, not just on our next visit.

Videoconferencing is the way to go. We can use Zoom, which offers free accounts that allow unlimited 1-1 meetings, screen sharing, and video conference recording. Zoom also allows group meetings up to 40 minutes on their free accounts.
Another product is also available for free: Vuforia Chalk

AIM is closely monitoring and assessing the situation, with the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners being the top priority.