BW Series
BW Series Butt welders for 2D and 3D machines

Automated Industrial Machinery, Inc. (AIM, Inc., USA) released a new stand-alone product for wire welding:

The new high precision butt welder “BW series” consists of butt welders from 40 to 150 KVA (for up to 16mm or 5/8” with) with AC or mid frequency inverter models feature:

Model Power Wire Range Size in inches Electrical Weight Notes
BW40i 40KVA 2-8 mm 24x24x48 460V, 2Phase* 900 lbs mid-Freq. DC Inverter
BW100i 100KVA 2-12 mm 24x24x48 460V, 2Phase* 900 lbs mid-Freq. DC Inverter
BW60 60KVA 2-8 mm 24x24x48 460V, 3Phase* 960 lbs AC Control
BW150 150KVA 2-12 mm 24x24x48 460V, 3Phase* 960 lbs AC Control


a. Fully automatic welding control with multiple schedules capability
b. Connection to AIM machine computers for easy on-screen programming.
c. Heavy duty/high precision guides provide accurate and repeatable alignment
d. Adjustable clamp & tip force (Pneumatic control)
e. Weld head can be ordered at 90 or 0 degrees (front forward or top down welding)
f. Adjustable upset position with counter
g. Fully adjustable and easily accessible clamp adjustment for precise clamp alignment
h. Magnetic guides available


a. Robot loading capable
b. handheld programming unit pendant
c. AGI Argon Gas for Stainless Welding
d. Consumables: weld inserts made with Elkonite
(Copper Tungsten / Tungsten & Molybdenum)


a. Easy Welding Integration for automated ring and frame production
b. Consistent weld/part quality
c. Power savings with the 3-phase mid-frequency DC models (balanced load across phases)

The BW welder series offer high presision and robust construction for consistent and quality welds with minimal maintenance in any environment. Welding integration made easy for automated cells, simple robot integration offering the most consistent quality welds all the times. Power savings can be accomplished with the mid frequency DC models with a balanced 3-phase electrical load.

Available on AFM modular machine systems