AIM Inc Open House 2016

AIM Open house 2016 (June 27-29th)

One of our most successful gatherings presenting the latest innovations in the wire industry with more than 250 visitors.  Technology show with Live automated and Full turn-key solution demonstrations, with lots of fun, music and good food!

Pig Roast, Live music from American English, robotic beer pouring and many other partners created successful forum for our current and prospective colleagues.  A short slideshow can be found at

One of the highlights demonstrated was an autonomous integrated system by AIM, Inc.,  an automated production cell for wire products manufacturing (video at

“Green Rod” wire was passing through an RMG drawing machine and then bent by an AIM Compact Bender, (Model AFC6).  A Fanuc robot placed sheet metal parts on a large jig as well as the wire forms.  The jig held components for 4 parts.

When the parts were placed on the jig, the Welder (From IDEAL) rotated the jig and welded the components automatically.

In the mean-time, the robot was filling up components to be welded on the next batch.  After welding was completed, the jig rotated and the robot stacked the finished components.

The above integration can further be expanded and the welded components can be placed on a conveyor, ready to be painted or plastic-coated.

Another highlight was the “Accu-Tap” made especially for the open house:  AIM engineers setup a robot beer dispenser!

The new 24 axis Gemini twin headed bender and a presentation correction bender data using a FARO laser arm raised eyebrows.

We want to thank all of our attending partners, customers and new customers.


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