overtonADDISON, IL, August 26, 2015 – AIM, Inc., a global supplier of CNC wire bending machinery, and Overton Industries, a leader in press systems and tube forming, announced a strategic partnership early last week. This partnership is specifically geared towards cell automation by allowing customers total turn-key integration from two industry leaders.

“AIM will continue to remain focused on its core competency and Overton will do the same,” says Gus Goudis, Sales Manager at AIM, Inc. “This partnership combines the knowledge-base of two market leaders for the sole purpose of cell automation without change to their regular business activities.”

For close to a decade, AIM, Inc. has worked with Overton personnel resulting in Overton’s design and development of systems dedicated to work with AIM, Inc. machinery. These systems include presses that can be integrated in-line or externally with AIM, Inc. machines along with high-speed upset units. Overton specializes in press systems and tube forming; their technical staff improves, supports, and manufactures tooling and equipment with quick turnaround.

Automated Industrial Machinery, d.b.a. AIM, Inc., was founded in 1992 and has grown to become the premier CNC bending machine supplier. Serving customers worldwide, AIM, Inc. manufactures 2D and 3D CNC bending machinery and offers ancillary devices and robotics for complete cell automation. AIM, Inc. strives to deliver total customer satisfaction by providing products and services of superior quality at fair prices. For more information, please visit

Located in Franklin, IN, Overton Industries began making machines for the tube and rod industries in the 1990’s after only focusing on tooling since 1968. With a background in the tooling, Overton began making the machines that would match the tooling being made. This started with Ram Form Machines but has since expanded into Spin Form Machines, Roll Grooving Machines, Trim Machines, Cold Form, as well as Hydraulic Presses. Overton also specializes in Tube Mill Tooling, Fixtures & Gages, Tube Dies, Automation, and custom machinery. Overton Industries also has a sister division within Overton Industries: the Tool & Die Division. Their focus is on stamping dies ranging from small high speed dies for battery components to large blanking dies for automotive paneling. While making the tooling for customers, the Tool & Die Division also does production for small to medium size quantities of parts. For more information about Overton Industries, please visit

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Written by Hannah Taylor, Sales Administration.

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