• Are you utilizing your capital investment in the most efficient manner?
  • Is there a problem with your bending operations?
  • Does it take too long to setup your production?
  • What did we produce?  When?  How long did it take?
  • Which shift is more productive?
  • Which bender has most troubles?
  • What is the total wire weight used yesterday, last week, last month,…?
  • How many pieces of part “A” did we produce last month?

The answers to the above questions are available with the new AccuTrack technology platform which remotely monitors all AIM CNC benders in real-time, while managing equipment utilization, uptime, idle time and many other production properties.

AIM AccuTrack will automatically “discover” all of the AIM equipment on the same network and start working within minutes.  With easy to comprehend graphics, its user will be able to pinpoint problems while providing production reports in a touch of a button.

To learn more, please contact your local AIM representative to discuss how AIM’s new AccuTrack technology platform can help you increase profits by increasing your productivity, contact AIM at +1 630 458-0008 or

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Available on most of the AIM machine systems