AccuSort Servo Actuated Carousel SA300

The Servo Actuated Carousel, SA300, is an automated stand-alone part racking system designed to eliminate the need for manual part sorting after bending.
Typically, finished wire forms are collected in boxes or shuttled away from the machine with conveyors.
In most cases, the draw back with parts falling into boxes is that this requires detangling and sorting time, resulting in intensive labor and possible deformation of the wire forms.

Automatic part racking system

1. Servo actuated loading and unloading positions
2. Configurable hooks for different types of wire forms
3. Light curtain protected unloading area
4. Unloading and Loading can be done at the same time for optimized
production output.
5. Audible and Visual notification for unloading the full rack
6. Handshake with any type of robot. (robot is required)
7. 300 lbs capacity