WC6 Wire Cleaning System

AIM is proud to introduce a new inline wire cleaning system! Dust, oil, and other drawing lubricants can make it hard to keep wire forms clean; however, AIM has developed a solution to help alleviate those issues.
The WC6 utilizes multiple methods of inline wire cleaning to combat the added coatings on the wire.

The WC6 includes inline wiping, rotary brushes, and specialized detergents to ensure that the cleanest wire is passed through the machine prior to forming. In addition, the detergents are recycled and reused within the WC6 making it a true standalone system.

Not only does the WC6’s standalone configuration allow relatively easy movement within the factory, but it has the ability to be placed before any wire forming or straightening system.


– Can be integrated into any type of system
– Modular base accommodates different wire machine heights
– Stand-alone filtration system removes impurities from detergent
– 110 VAC connection
– Multiple stages for cleaning combinations of soap lubricant, grease and dirt
– Over 85% effective
– Inline drying system
– Rust Inhibitor can be added post cleaning
– Can be used in a continuous feed or start-and-stop environment
– Designed and Built in the USA

Available on AFM modular machine systems