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3D Machines, Single Head:
AFC-3D6d, (Compact 6 mm), 2 in process
AFC-3D10d, (Compact 10 mm), in progress
AFM-3D16TD, (Turret 16 mm), in progress

3D Machines, Double Head:
AFX3DH7, Gemini, 18 Axes, Double Head with individual arm rotation, High speed and Rotary Straightener options, 7 mm).

Spring Machines:
NX-500F Spring Machine, 5 mm (spring wire)

Accessories / Options:
C24, (24” conveyor)
C48, (48” conveyor)
AWE 12i, (100KVA, DC, Mid Frequency, Butt Welder for AFE2Dx models)
BW40i, (40KVA, DC, Mid Frequency, Standalone Butt Welder)
WC6, Wire Cleaner
ACC300 Accumulator
ATSE Servo Transfer module for part unloading from AFE-2Dx machines

*Note: Above list is valid as of November 28, 2017.  We always adhere to “First come, First Serve” policy.  Availability is not guaranteed for later dates as this list is not updated daily. 

Please allow minimum 2-4 weeks for custom tooling, if required.

For more information in our stock CNC machines please send us a message through our Contact Us page or call us at: +1 630 458 0008